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Sarah and I met the day I walked into Nature College, enquiring about studying Kinesiology.  Sarah greeted me at the desk and the rest, as they say, is history.  

We studied together, graduated together, taught together, laughed together, practiced together and now we have created a company together.

It was twenty years since we first met, when Sarah asked me (over a bowl of pasta and a glass of red) to join forces with her.

The vision was to create an organisation which honours the foundations of Kinesiology, whilst embracing the wisdom, experience, and successes and of our careers, evolving Kinesiology into the future. 

With combined passions for all things kinesiology, happy healthy lives, good wine, good people, good food and good times, it's amazing it took us so long to come together to create The Nidana Collective.

We believe in the professionalism of kinesiology and kinesiology as profession.  Integrity, generosity and a wealth of experience are the corner stones of our business.  Whether with a student, an individual client or a corporate customer, we are excited to be invited to be into your world and to share this incredible modality with you.

We look forward to working with you, discovering what else could be possible, and realising your optimal self and raising the bar on your experience of life.

Warm Regards,

 If you are interested in learning more, we would like to hear from you.

About Sarah Gilmour-Mayne

From a young age, Sarah knew what she wanted to do with her life…help people change their lives with natural medicine.

Step 1 was enrolling into Nutritional Medicine and Homeopathy. This was the first of many qualifications she would receive over the coming 22 years.

This training became the foundation of her continuing education and love for nutritional science, emphasising gut health and its vast effects on our experience of life.

Working alongside some of the industry's leading practitioners and trainers both locally and internationally, Sarah became more and more curious about the connection between the body and mind.

This, of course, led her to the world of Kinesiology, where the integration of the totality of all things human merge in one modality.

The transformational results she began to see in her clients inspired her to share the power of Kinesiology on a larger scale, and she became a teacher and mentor.

Over the last 16 years, Sarah taught and consulted to many of Sydney's leading Natural Therapy Colleges across their Kinesiology qualification offerings.

She decided to harness the years of experience as both a teacher, mentor and practitioner and create her own Kinesiology college with colleague and friend Terese Mudgway.

In conjunction with enjoying a successful and fulfilling career in the world of complementary medicine, her greatest creations are her two beautiful daughters. Along with her husband James, she has embraced and loved the journey of parenting and building a family lifestyle that supports their values and inspires them to live a life of fun and fulfilment.

Becoming a mother gave her a whole new perspective and vantage point as a practitioner. This, in turn, gave her the gift of expanding her clinical knowledge into the area of child & family wellbeing.

As a working Mum, it has also highlighted the importance of balancing her personal family life with her professional life. What is required in this juggling act, coupled with over 20 years of complementary medicine, is the gift she loves to share with clients, students, family and friends

About Terese Mudgway

After spending nearly 15 years as a leading marketing professional in NZ and Australia, like many of us Terese found herself looking for more.

She loved many components of what she did in the business world but there was something missing. Terese was at a stage in her life where she wanted change, or, she may find herself continuing a corporate life which felt, to her relatively soul-less.

It was while visiting her chiropractor she discovered her calling. He was using Applied Kinesiology and he suggested she enquire about studying Kinesiology.

Through Kinesiology, Terese found a way to build on her innate ability to work with people, to contribute and intuitively understand life’s challenges – the causes, affects and effects.

Following more than four years of study, and graduating with a Diploma in Kinesiology, she opened the first of 3 successful practices, both in Australia & NZ.

Since then Terese has gone on to teach at most of Sydney’s leading natural therapy colleges, mentored students, and even taken Kinesiology into the corporate sector, working with some of Australia’s leading brands.

She recently joined forces with her long standing friend and colleague Sarah Gilmour-Mayne, and together they have opened their my own Kinesiology Academy.

Working with clients, students and organisations has truly given Terese the most
rewarding, fulfilling and inspiring career.

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